Round 3 Vegas Details

All photos are by Nelwin Uy

Hooray! I can finally bring back my Vegas blog posts on RB! :)

I'll break the feature down into 3 parts: The Details, The Gown, and The Wedding. But first, for those of you who are new to the blog and are wondering...err..."aren't you supposed to be married already?", please visit one of my previous blogs about this here: Countdown to Round Three

less is MORE

So first, I'd like to go into the details of the wedding. In truth, it is difficult to transport a lot of stuff for a destination wedding (especially for an International flight where excess baggage will be paid in dollars). Also, this is already the third wedding so we weren't exactly keen on spending too much. But even with the budget constraints, I still didn't want to compromise having unique details for the wedding. So given the logistics and the budget, I wanted to go for less is more. To be exact, we only worked with about six key details for the wedding and here they are!

Literally handmade w/ SO MUCH LOVE by Vatel's {etc} team
The Paper Cockade Bouquet by Rebellious Bunch Vatel's {etc} Handmade Goodness
- Since our Round 3 Wedding was also our first year anniversary celebration, I wanted to incorporate "something paper" in the form of my bouquet. 

I initially learned of paper bouquets while researching in Etsy. But then I realized that we have so many more talented wedding partners locally that can do the job even better--hence, I decided to have {etc}  make my bouquet for me instead. 

The creative process was delightfully simple yet effective. I just basically filled-out Vatel's form, gave them the color scheme that I was going for, and *poof* I had the most breathtaking paper bouquet I could ever hope for. 

When my husband and I opened our handmade package, carefully made with a thoughtful customized box (I loved that {etc} went that extra step knowing that the bouquet will be transported to Vegas), and with a cute note inside that said that it was "handmade w/ love", our initial reaction was that Vatel really outdid themselves. And mind you, the {etc} team was swamped with so many other wedding projects but you wouldn't see that in their work at all--it was so artfully and intricately done that we were so touched knowing that the bouquet was given its own time, effort, love, and creativity despite their busy schedules. 

The bouquet was a smashing success. In fact, my makeup artist from Vegas can't help gushing about. Another anecdote comes from our lady Limo driver who said "I love it when they do things differently. Just the other day a bride had a brooch bouquet, and now you!". Like I said, I barely had any wedding props with me for this wedding and yet with just my bouquet, the impact was so unforgettable and breathtakingly beautiful. 

Skull Ruff Rider Booties by Iron Fist Manila 

- Sometimes, a bridal look doesn't have to look so "put-together". I went for ruff rider booties for the simple reason that it was my own special tribute to being a "Rebellious Bride", that I carry and embody the blog with me, wherever I go. Also, I wanted an extra oomph for my overall ensemble because my gown is actually already "recycled" (I've already worn it before). Plus, this was a Vegas wedding and it made a lot of sense to incorporate something bling bling and fun! The skull booties don't necessarily go well with my bouquet, it doesn't go well with my "kikay" head band, and it doesn't have to. In theory my look doesn't make sense at all--but it worked because I wanted to make it work. It was just the right hint of rebellion ;)

The Rebellious Cake, Giveaways, and the Booze - Like I have said before, this wedding was really about my husband, and that more than anything this was a very "masculine" wedding, attended by frat boys. With that being said, I wanted the boys to enjoy. So this will probably be one of the rarest occasions when you will see cigars as giveaways. We got locally-made cigars from Tabacalera and we felt that this was a perfect way to bring something "Philippine-made" into the mix and share it with our all-American guests. To make the cigars look more chic and personal, we commissioned Rebellious Bunch The Fozzy Book to create an artwork for us which we made into sticker labels for the cigars (and wine).

Did you know that most weddings in the US are just really celebrated with wine & cake? If you've got the budget, yes you can have a full-blown reception but then if you don't, it is actually perfectly okay to just celebrate with wine & cake--and we did just that. And I guess that was another rebellious idea because I'm sure most couples/parents will squirm at the thought of just having a simple party with just cake & wine (what will the guests think? -- well, in our case it wasn't such a big deal). For our cake, I wanted to go for the cheesy route so I got a "The King" cake from Las Vegas Cake Designs. The cake exceeded our expectations, which surprisingly was good for 25 people, with German chocolate marble and raspberry filling. The cake was soooooooo DELICIOUS it broke my heart knowing that we had to leave it the following day cuz we were off to Orlando and we couldn't bring it with us. 

Our wines on the other hand were carefully handpicked by us as well. Since we couldn't really transport that much booze and we didn't wanna worry about it upon our arrival in Las Vegas, we made sure that whatever wine we will bring with us, it would make an impression. Hence, we got wines from Rener Barbier--which everyone just loved. And again, for a personal touch, we also designed this with our special artwork made by The Fozzy Book. 

A very special shout-out goes to Fozzy Dayrit of the Fozzy Book as well. She really nailed the personality of our Round 3 Wedding with her artwork. We are even thinking of having this printed in a canvas and display it in our home ;) 

Last but not the least, I wore a headband, which I'd like to proudly announce that I just randomly picked it up from an accessory store in Eastwood in a stall called "abubuts", and all the girls and my makeup artist kept on raving about it and they couldn't believe me when I said that the headband was less than $5. 

So there you have it folks. The very few details that we had for the Vegas wedding. The rest of the details and "decors" that you will see in the wedding later on are just essentially making use of the backdrops of our venues--for instance, our wedding ceremony was done in a Diner and officiated by Elvis--so why overdo it with any further styling right? Our "house party" was done in a beautiful penthouse so we just accentuated it with the cigars, wine, and cake. Sometimes less is more. And if you don't have the budget, it doesn't necessarily mean you can't make your details pop out. Quality over quantity! Watch out for the next blog: The Gown :) 

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    Awesome wedding!!! Thanks so much for letting me be a part of it. Hearts all around!

  2. Well said. I'm excited to see the rest of the posts Kai.

    - the groom. =)

  3. I love your details Kai. Congrats!