Round 3 Vegas Gown

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I'd like to dedicate a blog feature just for my Vegas gown. It's a very simple gown but I thought it needed its own "airtime" because it was naturally outshined the first time it was worn. That's right folks, you read it right. This gown has been worn before---and I didn't mind wearing a "recycled" gown for the Vegas wedding.

Rebellious Bunch designer Hindy Weber Tantoco and I had a different "grand Vegas plan" for the third wedding. We were initially dreaming of creating a navy blue & gold outfit for me but when my husband got into an accident last December (which explains why he is sporting a "robotic" shoe as his wedding shoes), I didn't think it was appropriate to indulge on a new gown just for Vegas. So in truth, we had our doubts if this gown will work for Vegas. After all, it was meant to be worn as a beach outfit. But heck, when was I ever afraid to reinvent the rules right? A Rebellious Bride makes it work, whatever circumstance or challenge is thrown her way! :)

Photo by Mango Red (taken in Boracay)

 From Boracay to Vegas...

The gown is very simple but had special unique details to it.  Fondly called as the "Sea Folly" gown, this beautiful gown was designed by Hindy Weber Tantoco for me as a second outfit to change into for the Boracay wedding. Since it was initially meant and worn as a beach look, it was inspired by the elegant side of the sea with its silvery sea green color. The gown was also made with layers upon layers of jersey making it look like ripples of waves. It's also very comfortable yet rich and textured enough to make it more formal and still wedding appropriate. Lastly, the gown's main design is a handmade rope/knot, carefully made by the designer herself which lingers in the front and back, connected through the neckline and waist.

The weather was bright & sunny on our wedding day--but not hot as in humid hot. It was probably like Baguio Summer weather hot--so in the end, my gown didn't seem so out of place. 

Fashion highlight of the day? A guy actually came up to me in a club and said: "I just wanted to say that I think your dress looks very elegant and beautiful. So classic. Congratulations." My makeup artist in Vegas also emailed me this after the wedding: "I just have to say that I think your style is amazing. It was really a treat to do your wedding. I'm just so mesmerized by your style". What I love most about the raves (not just for the gown but also for my paper bouquet) is the fact that they are from people who are admiring the works of Filipino talents and it makes you feel so very proud to be Pinoy :) 

In the end, "recycling" my Sea Folly gown worked out just fine. Everything I wore or carried with me to this wedding are made meaningful with its own story. The bouquet was in celebration of our first year anniversary that's why I opted for paper, my ruff rider booties was a tribute to The Rebellious Brides, and then my gown was like literally wearing a piece of our Boracay wedding with me.

So I've gone through the details and the gown! Next up: The Wedding :)  

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