Claire Pettibone - Rebellious Bridal Couture

Special thanks to Rebellious Bride Punky for introducing us to Claire Pettibone's work :)

In our blog article, White w/ a Twist, we received a comment from Rebellious Bride Punky that she loves Claire Pettibone's bridal couture style--that they were sweet yet also modern. And I couldn't agree more. Part fairy, part goddess, part medieval, part edgy, her style is rebellious yet totally soft and dreamy. I love that ALL her bridal gowns, and I mean ALL of her creations are so unique and "non-wedding-y" so much so that I had to triple check if I was really looking through the bridal couture section of her website.

Watch the bridal fashion show video below -- it's insane how all the gowns are rebellious in its own way. Let the show take you to places you've never deemed possible!

Here are more photos of Claire's amazing bridal gowns. Which one is your favorite? :)

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  1. I am so pleased with the dress and buying it online. It makes me wonder how much profit those brick and mortar stores must be making.