M&M Backtrack

A day before our big day, I get a message from director Mike Salcedo of Valveon Studios reminding me that he wanted to cover our wedding. I could not possibly say no to that. And so, despite having to work around (and mostly behind) Mango Red and Wang Videography, Mike and his team were able to make their own sweet POV of our wedding seven months ago.

I was just telling Kai that it was a brilliant idea to re-post our blogs from the past for our new readers during our lunch a while ago. Then when I check my mail, voila! I get this link showing me yet another take on our purple/kiddie/DIY wedding. How amazing it that?!

A note of warning as there's a lot of my face pre-makeup. The makeup artist in me shudders but I am still posting it because reminiscing is fun and I see a lot of the people I love and a lot of the details we laboriously made. 

Thank you so much for this trip down memory lane, Valveon Studios!

<3 <3 <3 Mica


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