Rebellious Bride with a BIG HEART

This Thursday, a dear friend of mine is getting married in Boracay. She also happens to be one of our clients for The Wedding Agency. We conceptualized her entire wedding which we called "By the Sea". But before we go into the details of her wedding, I'd like to zero in on what she's asking her entourage to wear. Any guesses? She's asking us, her bridesmaids, to wear a WHITE SHIRT. Yes folks. You read it correctly. A WHITE SHIRT. And she's not asking us to wear this just for the sake of being rebellious or being cool. She's asked us to wear it because it is for a worthwhile cause. In fact, Rebellious Bride Mabeth has such a big heart that she made sure to incorporate a lot of wedding details and buy products for her wedding that will go to a charity or something made proudly Pinoy.

The bride sent my shirt in a beautiful and simple Kada box which says "Wear it Forward". It had a simple sweet handwritten note, written in Kada's postcard type of card that certifies their shirt's craftsmanship and their goal to send children to school.

Kada Clothing's goal is simple. For every 20 shirts sold, they get to send a child to school. The best part? Their shirts are eco-friendly and has got to be one of the most amazing "not-so-basic" tees I've ever worn! And this is how I plan to rock my white tee during the wedding:

L-R: RB Kai wearing the Kada Shirt / Brown Belly Boho Skirt in Sunshine Yellow

To pair the white shirt, the bride had us choose from her summer color wedding palette (I chose "Sunshine Yellow"), and she had customized Boho skirts made for us from proudly Pinoy brand, Brown Belly.

Established since 2006, Brown Belly has got to be one of the coolest beach bum brands in Manila that has its own cult following.

Rebellious Bride Mabeth didn't stop there. Our Rebellious Bride w/ a BIG heart also had this to give as their wedding tokens:

L-R: As a token for being part of the entourage and for helping out for the wedding, the Bride gave us Rags2Riches bags handcrafted by women from Payatas / Our very first personal note and gift!!!! So sweet and touching!!!
Mabeth got us coin purses from Rags2Riches Inc. which is an organization that ties-up with movers and shakers from the Philippine fashion industry the likes of Rajo Laurel, Amina Aranaz, Oliver Tolentino, among others, in designing eco-ethical fashion and home accessories out of up cycled scrap cloth, organic materials and indigenous fabrics by working with women living in the poor communities across the country, mostly in Payatas. The mini bag that the bride gave us even came with a personal signature of the lady who handcrafted the purse.

Rebellious Bride Mabeth (Photo by Mark Cantalejo)
 Beautiful, brainy, and with a big heart. I can't wait to share Rebellious Bride Mabeth's wedding details with you all soon. Including a POWDER BLUE Hindy Weber Tantoco gown and a Vatel DIY shell bouquet.  You might also remember the bride from our The Rebellious Bride Series feature

In the meantime, here's a look at their Invitation Suite made by The Fozzy Book (Click the pic below)

The invitation suite also came with a poem especially made by the groom for his Rebellious Bride :)

We are off to the Boracay for another Rebellious Bora wedding! My favorite! Woot! :)

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  1. Mabeth, you are a wonderful person :D Bless you and congratulations and best wishes to you and your husband Karym :)