The Pamanhikan Video

In a world where prenup videos, same-day-edit videos, proposal videos, save the date videos, and love story videos abound, it is indeed a refreshing sight to see a different concept such as this Pamanhikan video. The simplicity of it all, the tradition made modern, and the idea behind the very essence of this video is just well...rebellious.

Thank you very much to Rebellious Bride Margaret for sharing this video with us :)

Pamanhikan from Dong Consuegra on Vimeo.

 Some Notes for the International readers:

Pamanhikan is a Filipino pre-wedding tradition where the groom and the groom's family formally professes the groom's intentions to marry the bride in the presence of the bride's family. Variations differ in the execution depending on how traditional or modern the families are but in the most traditional sense, this is also the venue to supposedly discuss and decide the details of the wedding together, as two families joining as one. In this specific Pamanhikan video's case, there were a lot of new changes that were incorporated such as the groom actually traveling with the bride to the Pamanhikan, the tradition being done outside of the bride's home, among other modern enhancements.

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  1. -via gmail-

    Hi rebellious brides,
    Thank you so much for the feature I super love it!!:) happy
    Sorry for the very very late response :"> blushing
    I've been very busy with the wedding preps and haven't opened my mail. :( sad
    By the way, my fiance saw the feature and he was very very happy. The pamanhikan is his moment. hahah so very very happy sya :)
    THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! :)

    More power to you guys! :x lovestruck