The Lakehouse Save the Date Video

"Hubby-to-be came up with the idea of having Il Mare/The Lakehouse trailer as our peg. At first it was a struggle to attain what we wanted to attain for we needed props and all that costumes to portray the time frame, but it was worth it - for we are really amazed at how beautiful our shoot went! Our friends and families loved the idea of this mysterious save-the-date video."

Rebellious Bride Sheena talks about their Save the Date video 

We absolutely love that it was actually the rebellious groom's idea to do something as cute as this :) And we love that the concept was not overly cheesy, yet it was still quite romantic. Congratulations on your engagement Sheena and Momon! Your wedding day is already super near! Good luck and all the best from The Rebellious Brides!


Photographer/Video: Daniel Lei Studios (DLS)
Prenup Shoot Taken at: Clearwater Resort and Country Club
HMUA: Mariah Camaya Santos

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  1. -via gmail-

    Hi Kai & Mica,

    We are so thrilled to finally be featured at your site! Can't wait to share this to our friends, family and suppliers! May we be an inspiration to other people that being rebellious is beautiful!

    All the best to both of you and your team!

    Thank you,