Rebellious Bride Angge's All-White w/ Pops of Red, DIY Boho Wedding

"I'm a rebellious bride because I did not stick with the traditions. I feel that weddings should be about you, about the couple, and not about what society thinks is right for a wedding."

Rebellious Bride Angge

There were a lot of rebelry in RB Angge's wedding, there's no doubt about that. But if there's three things that really stood out for me the most, it's the fact that: 1) she allowed everyone to be in white, 2) she had a pinwheel bouquet & boho wreath, and 3) their twisted idea for a "sickness & in health" prenup session is too gutsy for words haha.

Enjoy the videos first then let's all know more about the bride & groom's rebellious wedding:

Rebellious Brides: Most brides would not allow guests to wear white on the wedding day because they want to "shine". Why did you ask the guests to be in white?

Angge: I've always wanted to have a white wedding. I love looking at parties with everybody wearing white and ever since I've always pictured my wedding to be like that. Relatives were apprehensive with the choice, saying that my entourage should not be in white but in red, so I'd pop and they worried that with the guests also in white, I may not stand out. But not shining on my wedding day because everybody else was in white never came to my mind. I wanted a white wedding, and this being my wedding, I was not willing to compromise. :) And even with everybody else in white, I think me and my groom still were the star of the day :) And yes, I also wanted us to wear red during the reception so we'd be different from everybody else.

RB: The groom and bride styling are very unconventional from the groom's red & white ensemble, to the bride's accessories. Why did you decide to go this route and what were your style inspirations?

Angge: We wanted a wedding that's so unique, that's so us, one that would showcase our carefree and free spirited personalities. So there was no other route, but the boho route (which I have always adored), thus the simple flowy gown, and the accessories: headdress (i never wanted to wear a veil and I've always dreamt of wearing a floral wreath) and the bracelets (which my bridesmaids made in the CR during the dress up). It was also perfect that both our favorite color is red and we wanted it to be the accent for our white wedding, thus my red accessories, and his red long sleeved polo.

A good designer friend made my floral wreath. His name is Jamie Zanoria and he makes amazing jewelry. The headdress was in fact one of his necklaces.

RB: What makes you a rebellious bride?

Angge: Many were worried about the white color motif for all the guests, but we continued to have the all white wedding we wanted. And no one could stop our determination to have it that way.

My mom was adamant when she learned I would not wear heels on my wedding day, but I was never a fan of heels and I do not want to not walk well during my shining moment, and both me and hubby are fans of Chuck Taylors.

I did not want lavish flowers, well except for the church, and I've always loved pinwheels, and so we decided to make huge pinwheels for the entourage and the flower girls, mini pinwheels for the moms and the principal sponsors, pinwheel boutonnieres for the males. We also made over 40 pinwheels to decorate each table in the reception venue. These were all made by me and hubby.

I also do not want my entourage to wear gowns, I wanted everything casual, so did my groom. So we asked them to wear any white boho clothes they can find and red flat shoes. My hubby also made the headpiece of all the female entourage. We also asked the boys to just wear white long sleeves and black jeans and white shoes. Hubby and his grandma made the red bow ties to finish their look. We also told our guests to come in their most comfortable clothes. Everybody was relieved, especially the boys. :)

We got very heartwarming comments from guests and even from those who just saw our pictures and videos in facebook, and to think we did not have a coordinator, we only delegated the tasks to our closest family members and friends. Everybody said it was one unique and fun wedding. So I guess I am a rebellious bride.

RB: FOR THE PRE-NUP: Why did you guys opt for a "random" pictorial? What's the story behind the "taong grasa" photo session?

Angge: We just wanted to try out as many concepts as we liked.

My groom is a big fan of anime, and given our quirky personalities, we went for the anime theme. We prepared several anime costumes but because of the limited time, we ended with just the Naruto theme.

I have also always loved the 50s so we decided to incorporate it, and it's a plus that our village looks like one from the Stepford Wives movie, so doing the theme was perfect.

There is also a junkyard nearby and we wanted to do something crazy, so we decided to be taong grasa, and dirtied ourselves up. It symbolizes that we'd stick together for richer or "poorer".

And being free spirits, we cannot help but do a boho concept as well.

Congratulations Angge & Michael! We applaud you guys for being such free spirits indeed!

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Photo Credits: Karlo Matuguinas & Mikel Magdadaro

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