Rebellious Bunch - Metrophoto

"The Rebellious Bride does not only go against the norm, but makes the norm look stale and obsolete."

Metrophoto/Oly Ruiz' definition of The Rebellious Brides

Let me just start this feature by saying that this has got to be one of the most long overdue Rebellious Bunch features ever. One of the Power 7 suppliers and the number 1 ranked photographer in Bridetastic as of this writing, Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto is one of the most impact-full, sensational, and celebrated photographers of our generation. Known for his architectural style, Oly has a natural knack at making things look very sleek, modern, and sexy. But I have two strong points why I am a huge fan of Metrophoto. First of all, I  totally admire how they seem to be one step ahead all the time---first to go green, first to make a cult following for their brides, heck they are even bold enough to ask couples if they can get metro tattoos! And second of all, I am in awe of how Metrophoto consciously sees to it that every part of the wedding looks drop dead hot--down to the bride's shoes. Every photo looks impeccable. Every photo looks uniquely Metrophoto. Even if you take that M out of there, you'll know it's a Metrophoto artwork--that's how distinct they truly are or rather, you'll know it's got Oly's signature style written all-over it.

Strategic, intentional, or purely coincidental, what also makes Metrophoto unique is the fact that they make men look...well...manly! It's not just about the brides, they also take the time to make the grooms look hot--and if you are a Rebellious Bride AND Groom, choosing Metrophoto as your photographer becomes even more second nature to you.

Metrophoto seems to also take the time and effort to create deadly photos especially for the bride's shoes. It actually already becomes one of those things I look forward to whenever I view a new wedding set from them. Here are just some of the most rebellious and delicious:

We love Metrophoto's campaign dedicated to the Metrophoto Bride! We personally think that all Metrophoto Brides have a rebellious spirit waiting to be unleashed. Don't you think?

The Metroman Oly Ruiz
Rebellious Bunch - Metrophoto. The hottest choice, for the Rebellious Bride. For more details on Metrophoto, CLICK HERE. To listen to Oly Ruiz' w@w podcast guesting, CLICK HERE. 


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  1. -via twitter-

    Hey Kai, 1st of all, jst had the time to read the feature and i felt so bad for not seeing your tweet abt it ryt away, im at a lost for words to say thank you. It was so awesome! I'm deeply touched and very grateful. :) so great to see sum1 else describe my photos as how i will put it myself :D so excited to repost it after the weekend. :)