Ryan Ortega CAN.

Photos by Ryan Ortega
"The Rebellious Bride is someone who knows what she wants. Someone who understands the importance of details that speak much about her and her partner, respects the value of one's work, talent, skills and idea, opens her mind to endless possibilities just for the love of staging a rebellious wedding. Above all, she is someone who embraces extraordinary ideas without sacrificing the very reason of their union which is love."

Ryan Ortega on his definition of the Rebellious Bride

Contemporary, Unorthodox, and Chic. Photographer Ryan Ortega definitely knows what he stands for to the hilt. But if I were asked by a bride or a groom, what I thought of Ryan Ortega and if I would personally recommend him, I'd probably say, Ryan Ortega CAN. Why? Because one thing resonated with me when I looked through his body of work--and what bounced back to me was this feeling that Ryan Ortega CAN do whatever you throw at him. Take him to another part of the globe for an engagement shoot, and he CAN deliver. Get him to photograph your traditional wedding and he CAN do it + so much more. Ask him to do something a little bit more rebellious, and he still CAN eagerly be rebellious with you. He CAN evolve. He CAN adapt. He just...CAN!

Rebellious Brides: What's your signature style? Like what are your philosophies in terms of your photo's look?

Ryan: I describe my style in 3 words - contemporary, unorthodox & chic. I'm always on the look out for making something different. In a wedding, given a situation where everything is ordinary, that's where the challenge and my style comes in. I want to incorporate and look for a different way to present it but without missing the most important part of that celebration - - - love & emotion.

RB: We noticed that you have a lot of projects around the world, how do they discover you?

Ryan: I'm just fortunate I would say, these clients are not in anyway connected to us { like from family & friend circle }. I'm still amazed by the fact that they email me asking for my services & rates. Being online almost 24/7 is a big factor I would say. 

The wedding industry greats have said that at every price point, at every tier, there is NO EXCUSE not to get a great photographer or videographer because at every category, there is just sheer talent. And it's true. And we couldn't stress this any further: DO NOT BE WOWED by fancy names, fancy celebrity weddings, fancy marketing packages, fancy whatever. Look at the body of work, look at the track record-- sans the effects, sans the engulfing editing.Ryan Ortega is the real deal, and preferred in the International scene. 

We have a very, very, very, very, VERY, V-E-R-Y special photo session collaboration with Ryan Ortega coming up as part of our Anniversary celebration. You DO NOT want to miss this!!! :)

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