Bride Idea for Today

Transmission LA at MOCA

Today we are inspired by these installations from the Transmission LA exhibit at the MOCA as curated by Beastie Boy's Mike D. 

Why not style your wedding reception with random graphic, optical illusion drop down decors instead? So much more originality, spontaneity, and personality! 

Click below for more ideas from this one-of-a-kind exhibit! 

Mike D. Curates 'Transmission LA'
Photography: Highsnobiety

Photography: Highsnobiety

Photography: Highsnobiety

Photo taken by my good friend Anna Castro from her Blackberry
Photography: Highsnobiety
Wedding ideas can come from practically anywhere and everywhere! Props to the Rebellious Bride/Groom Reader out there who would be bold enough to do something like this on her/his wedding day!

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