Rebellious Bride Precious Lara's Gown

Photography by MangoRed

When we saw  Precious Lara & Marco's wedding, we immediately wanted to feature it on the blog--not only because it was a rebellious celebrity wedding but more so because the bride donned a rebellious gown. So we instantly thought of interviewing Rebellious Bunch - Veejay Floresca to know more about this fantabulous gown and this is what he had to say:

Veejay: When I was asked by Lara to make her wedding gown, I was so happy and very nervous!!! haha.. I know this is going to be a celebrity wedding and a lot of pressure was on me since she won Miss International. When I knew that she was pregnant, the whole pressure was doubled! haha.. but like the basic rule when dressing up a woman, hide her flaws, flaunt her assets. I applied this rule. She has super nice legs, I showed it off--it will make her walk easier, and I made the skirt voluminous and soft to hide the tummy. I chose a blush color because Lara doesn't want a traditional wedding gown ;-) 

While I was in San Francisco, I saw this beautiful lace and I immediately bought it without even looking at the tag! hahaha ;-)

We just absolutely adore Precious Lara's gown and we applaud her for taking this rebellious risk. We once said  that it is extra difficult to be rebellious when you are a public figure because it makes you vulnerable to more scrutiny and so we truly admire the confidence and class that our rebellious celebrity bride has taken for their wonderful wedding. Here are more creative and beautiful details apart from the gown:

Congratulations to the beautiful couple and once again, clap clap clap for being a Rebellious Bride, Lara! :)

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Roll Credits:
Photography - MangoRed
Bridal Gown - Veejay Floresca
Groom's Suit - Randy Ortiz
Hair & Makeup - John Cliff & Gio Flores
Flowers, Styling, and Catering - Maja Martines Angeles (Passion Cooks)
Coordination - Supernatural Management Inc

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