Rebellious Bride in RED

Photography by Ryan Ortega
When I saw this blog entry from Photographer Ryan Ortega, I was instantly attracted to the fact that the bride wore a red bridal gown and I knew we had to have it on the blog. Then that's the only time I began to read Ryan's blog about the wedding, and realized it was a 'civil glam wedding'.

Ryan writes:
Civil yet glamorous – - – that’s how I describe Lanier+Sam’s wedding. Usually, Civil weddings in the Philippines are literally civil. Even the solemnizing officer, Mayor Inday Sarah Duterte was amazed that the couple and guests were at their best. Enjoy!

What amazes me is the fact that people expect civil weddings to be simple--and that it's not really official 'till you do it in the Church. But I applaud Lanier and Sam. Civil weddings are SPECIAL. We've had 3 weddings so far, but the wedding we poured our heart, soul, investment, time, and effort on was the civil wedding. And even if people have misjudged me, saying getting married in the eyes of God was not my priority, I know in my heart that getting married civilly or in whatever form or manner will never be a problem with God. What's important is you are genuinely in love with each other, and that you have an authentic relationship with Him.

Hooray to anti-white gowns and civil weddings!!! Congratulations to Lanier & Sam!

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  1. Dear Kai and the rest of the RB team,

    thanks so much for your featured blogs on civil weddings. :-) you see, we also had a civil wedding about 3 weeks ago at Oasis Manila, complete with a formal reception at their Pavilion hall. Though it was also like a "civil glam wedding" and I absolutely love every bit of it, i know there were a few people who probably raised some eyebrows on the way we did our wedding simply because it wasn't in a church and so "without God's blessing." My own OTD even had the nerve to tell me that we had to add some details to the ceremony, like candle-lighting, so I could JUSTIFY WHY I DECIDED TO WEAR A BRIDAL GOWN. And she said this not once but thrice. I really wanted to tell her to her face that I am getting married and that enough justifies why I wore a wedding gown. I wish every person out there, whether they are in the wedding industry or not, will learn about and read the Rebellious Bride website and blogposts so they'll know that every wedding is special and whether it's done in the church, garden, beach or a city hall,it will always have God's blessing because He is the Originator of every marriage on earth. thanks again and more power to RB!