Rebellious Bride Sigrid's Style

Photography by Paul Vincent
"I've always been that girl who doesn't want to blend. I want to be different without being tacky. And that's exactly what I did for my wedding :)"

- Rebellious Bride Sigrid Eduardo-Alindogan on what makes her a Rebellious Bride

You might recognize Dra. Sigrid from the Tattoos and Angels Prenup feature we've had a couple of weeks ago. And we wanted to dedicate a separate feature on Sigrid's anti-white gown and her entourage styling because we applaud how she was able to implement her ideas despite the fact that her husband comes from a traditional family.

For one thing, her gown is just absolutely breathtaking! And this is just one of the best examples of how going anti-white can just be as beautiful and just as bridal-worthy. She also had a black & pink dress code for her entourage--and while this combo can be tricky, she also managed to execute this together with her designer, with class and sass.

Sigrid's gown by Michi Calica
Rebellious Brides: What's the story behind your anti-white gown? Why didn't you wear the usual white gown? Did you encounter any challenges along the way?

Sigrid: For one, I find the color white old fashioned. I also wanted to stand out among other brides. :) The only problem I encountered with my gown's color is choosing the color itself. Wanting to be different, my 1st gown came out blush pink --too debutante for me. When I finally agreed on a champagne color, our problem was the color blending of each petal on the skirt & train. We finally agreed on 40% ivory, 40% champagne, & 20% of a shade darker than champagne.

Entourage gowns by Aviad Couture
RB: The styling of your entourage is also quite unique! Who made them and why did you choose this for your entourage?

The entourage gowns & suits were made by Haidee Alindogan (of the former Aviad Couture) :) Unlike other brides who want to be the most beautiful on their day & down-play their entourage's dresses, I wanted my girls to be as beautiful as I am :) I wanted them to be bongga too. I initially chose the motif black & fuchsia, but a lot of fuchsia material tends to look cheap. We switched then to black & baby/blush pink, like that of Chanel.

Once again, congratulations to Sigrid & Stephen! And we hope that Sigrid's rebellious yet ever-so-tasteful, sophisticated style can serve as an inspiration to every aspiring RB out there. We'd also like to share their wonderful wedding video by Bob Nicolas because it gives us a preview on the other creative ideas of the wedding--watch out for the cute part where they walk down the aisle with their puppy, the bride's serendipitous story that she included in her vows, and the awesome wedding cake that doesn't even look like a cake! Enjoy :)

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  1. Absolutely stunning! Congratulations to Sigrid and Stephen!

  2. Thank you, Katherine!

  3. Hi Sigrid!

    Im so inlove with your gown:) im happy for you.

  4. Wow! I love your wedding gown ms. sigrid! :-)