Rebelliously Metrofied 4 Life

Photography by Rebellious Bunch - Metrophoto

Had I known of this contest earlier, we would have done it in a heartbeat. Hahahaha. How badly would you want Metrophoto to be your wedding photog? Would you be willing to be inked and carry out their brand your entire life? This campaign already passed but it's one of those brilliant ones that never go out of style. And with the very essence of the entire process being rebellious as it is, it just rightfully deserves a place in RB.

Metrophoto called for entries in 2011, and 2 lucky bad ass couples were Metrofied, with the entire process being filmed by no less than Jason Magbanua. One of the winners, Emil & Marielle recently had their prenup session w/ Metrophoto. Follow the journey of this rebellious campaign & couple:

Metrofied 4 Life from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

To read and view the full set from the Metrofied 4 Life campaign, CLICK HERE and to know more about Rebellious Couple Emil & Marielle's prenup & love story, CLIK HERE 

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