The Rebellious Brides AND Grooms for Year 2

Hello girls...and boys. Missed us? The rebellion/hacking is over and we've reached a truce with the grooms. 

We told you it will be close to impossible to figure out how we planned on celebrating our anniversary :) 

July 18, 2012 --- Rebellious Brides' official anniversary date, was the day we got "hacked" by the Antonio Banderas er....Rebellious Grooms. And for 5 straight days, we couldn't blog. We've heard their voices, loud and clear. And yes,  RB for Year 2 will be further improved with an occasional opinion or two from our grooms.  

Rebellious Grooms will be housed here in Rebellious Brides, and will be in the form of video blogs (vlogs). Nothing fancy, really. Just two guys, a camera phone, and their two cents on things like: color motifs, suits, or dealing with the wedding pressure the 'manly' way. 

As one of our readers once said, behind every rebellious bride is an even more rebellious groom and we couldn't agree more. And this time we are expanding the reach of our blog to give them their own platform as well. 

Cheers to a new year to come! We've had a few features on rebellious grooms last year, but now we formally welcome you guys in the cause! 

Kai & Cy, Mica & Marc
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