Ace & Karla's Coach Potato/Harry Potter Prenup

They had me at Hogwarts.

Photography Jervy Santiago / Visionary Photography Hub

When Visionary Photography Hub creative director Mike "Nico" Lavarez emailed us this prenup with the words, Hogwarts in the paragraph, I didn't have to think twice. This was definitely going to the blog. Haha!

Coach potatoes at heart, Ace & Karla wanted a prenup shoot that starred their favorite coach and the characters that they have both grown fond of during movie marathons with the beloved coach.

Visionary Photography Hub shares:

Ace & Karla had no time to go on an on-location shoot - what more if the destination is at Hogwarts! You read it right! They also had a lot of ideas for the shoot and what better way to execute this than putting them in their own dream sequence.

Weekends are spent at home in their favorite couch resting, playing on the laptop, reading books or doing a DVD marathon. Being kids at heart with almost no time for play the couple wanted something that reminded them of the interesting characters they “spend time with” during their free time – including the couch....

...everyone sure did enjoy the broomstick ride care of Harry & his friends! Being long-anticipated, the pictorial was a sweet family affair for Ace & Karla, with their parents providing the costumes & a ride for their most beloved co-star – their favorite couch!

To view the complete set, visit: CLICK HERE!

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