Denise & Bogey's Rebellious Sailboat Wedding Rings

Custom Sailboat Ring by 13 Lucky Monkey

From the same cool couple who rebelliously got married on Friday the 13th, comes another wedding detail of the rebel kind.

Denise writes:

Here is our rebellious wedding rings made by lucky monkey! :)

We wanted something different and snazzy like us and the sailboat represents our 'sailing' relationship:P

The top ring is the sail and worn by Bogey and the boat is for me :) the lucky monkey team came up with this for us after sitting and talking to us one afternoon:) They gave it in this beautiful resin sculpture of waves crashing and our sailboat afloat saying "This ship has sailed."

Speaking of 13 Lucky Monkey, here are more awesome custom rings that we've seen on their site!

Did you have an awesome, unique wedding band such as this? Email away at!


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