Candidly Pretty's Dessert Table & Party Favors

Freelance crafter Koni Esteban of Candidly Pretty and her friends were recently in-charge of visualizing and implementing the dessert table and party favors for an intimate party. Here's how their team made it all happen:

Koni: I was thrilled to be in charge of the dessert table! I decorated it with fabric-covered letters and hand-stitched mini buntings that were intricately made with LOVE =)

Koni: Leah entrusted me to work on the party favors. With the theme in mind, I came up with these pretty pastel-colored hankies.

Koni: My craft zizters and I collaborated on this scrumptious project. Geli baked red velvet bars with cream cheese frosting and Ella made handwritten tags. They had been so enthusiastic with working with me on this project! Together we came up with this. =) Isn’t it so delectable-looking! It really is a sweet treat! Merci beaucoup gurlz!!!

Awesome work, ladies!

To view the complete set, click HERE :)


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