The Wedding Agency: My Sister's Wedding

In a few days (4 to be exact), my baby sister will get married. Again! This time in the same chapel where both her elder sisters got married. And because the Wedding Agency existed during her preparations, she and her fiancé Jay-r naturally became our clients (no bride bullying, I swear!).

We came up with a Sparklin' Prom Night Wedding. It's a mix of prom and jewel-toned/sparkly elements. They chose this because my sister has never been to a prom and, second, her name is GEM, 
a precious stone. 

Here's a teaser of things to come this Friday. I've never been to a prom as well so I am just as excited! Also, Rebellious Bunch WeDoItForLove will document everything. So it is going to be amazing :D

My sister and her fiancé made their own rendition from this peg. They bought and printed everything so it's pure DIY awesomeness. Check out the actual version:

Oh, this is going to be fun! Stay tuned for more after the big day of my little sister!

And let's backtrack on their super crazy prenup shoot: Crazy Love

It's PROM NIGHT soon! Weeeeee!

<3<3<3 Mica

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