Emil & Marielle's Metrofied Wedding

Photography by Metrophoto
A couple of months ago, we featured Metrophoto's winning couple for their Metrofied 4 Life campaign (CLICK HERE TO BACKTRACK). Now, Emil & Marielle have finally tied the knot and we absolutely love their gorgeous wedding! 

From the rebellious bride's anti-white gown, to their mighty metrofied tattoos, to their one-of-a-kind balloons in the most wonderful color palette, to their uber stylish entourage, down to their oh-so-red-as-strawberry couple's booth, everything was just absolutely perfect. Here's how Oly Ruiz recounts the entire experience:

"Easily one of the most anticipated weddings of the year for Metrophoto, Emil and Marielle are not just a Metrophoto couple but literal brand ambassadors as they carry the tattoos on their forearms. Their personalities and the story of their love for each other are what made them stand out from the other couples who joined the contest..."
 "It might sound odd but being in their wedding and covering it is like shooting my own children’s wedding and it was a very proud moment for all of us. It is not usual for someone to do something like this, in fact it has never happened before. There are always things that people will do for love and for the desire of something, and not everyone will understand it, but the most important things is that, these things that greatly inspire us also allow us to create something special and something beautiful that we will treasure all our lives – a true spirit of being part of Metrophoto."

To view the complete set, CLICK HERE

Congratulations to Marielle & Emil! 


Videographer: Joel Salindong
Make-up: Pong Niu
Bridal Gown: Joe San Antonio
Flower: New Yorker Florals by Marielle Ramos

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