Metrophoto's Rebellious Group Shots

Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto recently compiled the best group shots that they have done in 2012 and I think this is absolutely fabulous. Giving the couple the special treatment on their wedding day is already a given. But extending that same special attention to the loved ones of the couple is just in a whole other level of vision and forward-thinking.

Here are some of our favorites:

Oly writes:
"From the simple, to the complicated, and up to the seemingly impossible, we have put together a unique collection of group shots that are truly diverse, creative, and still very much elegant. Shooting a couple artistically, is already a challenge in itself and adding one person at a time increases the difficulty level exponentially (in terms of coordination, lighting, posing, composition, etc) and that’s why we are proud with what we’ve come-up with and we are continually developing new techniques and concepts to come-up with even more breathtaking photos for the grooms and brides that are unlike any other."

 "Congratulations to each and every one of our Metrophoto couples, your love for each other, your enthusiasm to be different, your benignity to the people around you, and your passion for nothing but the best has inspired and continue to inspire us. We do all of these and more for your sheer pleasure and happiness. :)"

Cheers to innovation. 
Cheers to timeless wickedness. 
 XOXO, Kai 


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