Rebellious Bride Van's Creamy Gold Gown

Photography by Nice Print
We will never get used to receiving emails from real-life rebellious brides who have found their inner courage because of our blog. It's the best emails we get. Ever.

Hi RBs 

I'm Van Orpilla, and I would just like to say thanks to your team for putting up the Rebellious Brides Blog! It's been an inspiration to me during the preparation of my wedding. Since day 1 of my preps, I've been so pressured with all the traditions (I'm a Chinese), coz they are soooo confusing and to be blunt, very boring! I'm a happy person, I hate rules, traditions, and all. Then I came across your blog, and became so attached to it! It became my "Wedding Bible" LOL! 

My idea of a wedding is simple, yet unique. I'm one of those "anti-white" wedding gown brides. At first, I was planning to wear a bloody red gown, but my mom was too strict, so I changed it to cream with gold details. I talked to my designer, Ms. Cor Sunglao, and emphasized that I really want it to be a one-of-a-kind wedding gown. What she did with my gown was very nice, it was a serpentine gown with gold lace deets for the whole bodice. Everyone in my wedding loved it! :)

Thank you for taking time to read my message. I just want to tell you how you inspired me and somewhat push me out of my box! LOL! Big thanks!!! :) -Van

Being a Chinese who comes from a family of tradition, this story makes it even that much more inspiring.  We hope that Van's anti-white gown story inspires you all to take a leap of faith. 


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  1. I paid a very attractive price for my new dress with free shipping, I am 5'6" busty and in typical size 16/18, if it were not for me loosing weight this would have fit me right out of the box. No alterations needed.