Tips from a Real-Life Rebellious Bride

Photos by Derrick Lim and Tim Monasterio
From their Wedding Singer proposal, to when they first briefed us that they wanted a Coachella Chic wedding, we knew from the very beginning that Wedding Agency couple JP & Loni are pretty something. Rebel Bride Loni is delightful, charming, and had her own creative rebellious spirit. She was nice enough to allow us to share with you all her on-the-day wedding experience & tips.

And this ladies, is our first-ever 2013 entry of the year. Enjoy!

"tip #1: Get a makeup artist who does not only make you feel beautiful, but who brings out the confidence in you--that no matter what angle you turn to, you know she's got it covered ( makeup by: Jackie Majica Flores)"

"tip #2: Be comfortable and wear uggs just cause you can, even if you're in the Philippines - no explanation needed!"

"tip #3: Surround yourself with a powerhouse wedding planning couple. They can read minds! (coordination by: Detalye Weddings and Events)"

"tip #4: If you need help in visualizing your dream wedding gown, then ask for the help of young designer Gretchen Pichay"

"tip #5: ... and don't be afraid to go for details."

"tip #6: Some choose to wear white robes during their preps. I'd rather wear my man's shirt! Stole this from JP's closet, hehe!"

"tip #7: Lace, lace, lace! Laced open-toed booties make it even better!"

"tip #8: Don't let the rain stop you from having your dream wedding. Say a little prayer with your family and friends, you'd be amazed on how powerful it is."

"tip #9: The ultimate diy wedding invites-- took 10 hours to braid each and every one of it. My diy angels Tna AldePat Alde and Samantha Louise Alde. Graphic design by Tna Alde and Margaux Hontiveros."

"tip #10: Suit up, pants down! Oh wait, don't forget the aviators and wayfarers boys. There, now you're ready to go."

"tip #11: Always bring your furry friend for unconditional love and support."

"tip #12: Impossible is nothing with Erika So Bergara of Detalye Weddings and Events. She didn't name her company "detalye" for nothing. Cheers to OCD!!"

"tip #13: Don't be afraid to show some skin, church skin that is."

"tip #14: For your loved ones who are no longer there to celebrate your wedding with you, place their photos in a locket, hold it close to your heart, and walk with them down the aisle in spirit."

"tip #15: Let loose, be silly and go crazy!!!"

"tip #16: Some are very particular in riding a white bridal car, well I choose to roll and arrive in my husband's car which also happens to be an obsession of mine - bmws!!"

"tip # 17: Share your love story with your families, friends and guests in a unique way. Our 11-year relationship was able to cover the long aisle of San Antonio de Padua."

"tip #18: Dress the cutest flower girl in uggs, flower headpiece and a 12-year old teddy bear which your husband gave to you as his first ligaw gift. You're so adorable Reese, you make Gen Bayangos-Monasterio and Tim Monasterio proud!"

"tip #19: Colors, patterns and fabrics of raw beauty! Perfection doesn't always mean expensive."

"tip #20: Sports cars are great "just married" getaway cars. Top-down style baby! vrooom!"

"tip #21: Feed your guests well, that's the first thing they'll remember at your wedding, your food! Kudos to Sarah Karmela M. Reyes and Bizu Patisserie & Bistro, our guests drooled!"

"tip #22: Be spontaneous!! JP couldn't resist jumping on stage when our band, Pure Sound, played "Panalangin". I decided to jam with them too!"

"tip #23: Make it a family affair and involve them in your diys. I wanted hanging exposed bulbs at the garden and my dad installed each one with his bare hands. It took more than 12 hours to do it non-stop but my dad enjoyed it."

"tip #24: Ditch the high heels and get comfortable at your reception!"

"tip #25: Think big!! Kai & Mica of Rebellious Brides / Wedding Agency envisioned a ferris wheel for our Coachella Chic wedding and we went for it! Thanks ladies, keep the craziness alive!"

All the best JP & Loni! And we absolutely can't wait to see the official photos and the SDE! :)

Much love,
Kai & Mica

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