Wedding Ideas from The Carrie Diaries

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If you haven't known already, Sex and the City's prequel The Carrie Diaries is finally out. When I was reading the actual book, I already knew this was going to be a great addition to the CW because it's set in the 80s -- it's the 80s version of Carrie Bradshaw at a time when she still wore bright colored clip-ons for crying out loud! Now don't get me wrong--over the years I've been a fan of Buffy and Gossip Girl but there comes a point when yes, a 1980s period series is in order! Hell yea!

80s weddings are always cropping up. It's just one of those really fun wedding concepts that will always be a favorite especially amongst 80s babies. I knew the show will be in the 80s--But I love how The Carrie Diaries managed to refresh the 80s. It's so cool as opposed to feeling outdated that you just keep wanting for more.  And even to the young ones that aren't familiar with this age, it still somehow works cuz it kinda has the Topshop vibe.

Best of all, the young Carrie Bradshaw is our kind of little rebel. An angel who actually has a rebellious streak. The kind who knows how to change the rules and how to reinvent them. The kind who has interesting thoughts in her head, the kind who has effortless style, and the kind who will glorify her nail polish-spilled bag unintentionally making it the next big thing.  And she and her pals make for fun wedding pegs!

So here are some wedding ideas inspired by The Carrie Diaries! Now we usually create our own mood boards whenever we recommend themed ideas but CW's promotional photos are SO DELICIOUS and RAD that we didn't want to take the focus away from it. So here goes!

 Be a rebellious spunky bride who is unafraid to accessorize, create intricate textures, and go metallic!

 Meet Larissa -- Carrie's friend from Manhattan who is also the stylist for Interview Magazine. She is fashion forward and larger than life. Style gowns with blazers and over-the-top head pieces!

Mix and match colors that would otherwise seem unusually paired but actually works fabulous together!

80s music are to be expected but add a few covers that are new and fresh. Find an acoustic version of Papa Don't Preach. Or the rock version of Roam.
'Nuff said!

Veer away from the usual cutesy 80s details found in 80s weddings. Sure, The Carrie Diaries is set in this period and there are a lot of references to the 80s--but it's also very honest and refreshing. We already know you are having an 80s wedding--so keep it unexpected still. I never for one second thought that of all styling elements the show will glorify graffiti and make it look hot. Now that's abruptive.

There you have it folks! Watch the show! It's fab! As a bonus, here are some photos compiled by Yahoo comparing the style of the then & now (or is it now & then) Ms. Bradshaw:

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