Sherwin + Jazzy - Por Siempre Contigo

Photography by Ryan Ortega
Photographer extraordinaire Ryan Ortega calls Sherwin and Jazzy's union as one of the most memorable weddings he's ever had. And I can see why. There's always something so admirable about Chinese couples who seem to be able to manage tradition, culture, and rebelliousness all at one go. Saying that it takes a lot of courage and creativity would be an understatement. What I love about this wedding is that the couple was actually able to pull off a venue so wonderful, it's so unreal. Zamboanga's National Museum! And the fierce styling even by the groom and the parents! Oh such an electrifying wedding indeed!

Ryan Ortega recounts that it was the very first wedding inside Fort Pilar {Museum} in Zamboanga after the 1980′s. {Por Siempre Contigo means Forever With You}

View the complete set HERE

Congratulations Sherwin and Jazzy!


CREDITS: Gown: Emi Alexander Englis | Video: Mayad Studio | Coordination & Styling: Al Arbison of Ever After Events

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