Faye + Yayo - "Here We Come"

 Here we come
In Praise of the Sun
I Wave Good-Bye to the Rain
In Praise of the Sun
{In Praise of the Sun Lyrics by Chicane}

Photography by UnBox unless labeled otherwise
Faye and Yayo have been together for thirteen years...and finally, all roads lead to Boracay last February 15, 2013--my favorite time of the year if you ask me ;) *Wink*

Faye & Yayo's Shangri-La Boracay Wedding had all the makings of a 'RomCom'. It had all the fun details, tied together with a vibe of watercolor paint making it quite nostalgic. 

Pulling off a destination beach wedding, whether it's a classy or a whimsical one, to me the very fact that it is a destination wedding makes it quite rebellious on its own. It takes a lot of courage...and it takes a certain kind of boldness knowing that guests may not be comfortable with the idea (and may decide not to go due to budget or time) and that logistics are extra harder than the locally-based wedding.

RB Faye shares:  "Destinations wedding are really hard as we have to communicate with our coordinator and venue through emails alone. It was also really challenging because we had to ship all the DIYs we did to Caticlan. But we were able to pull through everything with the help of our coordinator Amanda Tirol because she really knew how to communicate with us. And of course, with the never ending help from the groom."

Speaking of DIYs, as if having a destination wedding wasn't challenging enough, Faye & Yayo took the notch even higher by creating a lot of DIYs together.

RB Faye shares: "We bought button pin makers from Amazon and made individual button pins for our entourage and suppliers.We also had an air dry clay at home and we molded small frames as size labels for our giveaways". When asked why their logo sticker was that of a cat & dog, Faye shares "We're both animal lovers, Everyone close to us knows that  :) Yayo has 2 dogs and I have 2 dogs and a cat. Having our wedding in Boracay meant we couldn't bring our pets with us so instead, we asked our friend to incorporate them in our logo so that at least they are still part of our wedding."

The couple's had many, many DIYs and creative little touches. But I particularly loved the idea of putting the couple's photos at different ages of their lives as table numbers! I also appreciated the fact that there were a lot of recycled, handcrafted items in the couple's wedding! :)

RB Faye: "We really wanted a destination wedding from the start. We chose Boracay because we really, really love Shangri-la. The day after I got engaged, I knew that the best place to have our wedding was at Shangri-la. We figured that it will also be a great vacation for friends as well. :)"

 Fun Instagram Photos taken by the Couple's Friends

Congratulations Faye & Yayo! 
And may your marriage be as fun and happy as your wedding! :)
CREDITS: Bridal Gown, Mom of the Bride and Groom, Matron of Honor, 2 Sisters Bridesmaids- Kristel Yulo
Entourage - Coca Couture
Grooms Suit - Armani
Photographer - Unbox Studio
Videographer - Mayad Studios
Flowers- Vatel Manila
MUA - Victor Ortega
Coordinator - Amanda Tirol (Boracay Weddings)
Shangrila's Boracay Resort and Spa

Invitations, logos and the seating charts were made by the couple's good friends -- Marc & Sylvia Ruiz :)

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