Jmie + KC's Virgin Beach Wedding

Photography by We Do It For Love
There are all kinds of rebellious weddings. It can take many, many forms. But my favorite rebellious weddings are those of the subtle kind. Rebellious in the devilish little details. That's what I loved about Jmie and KC's beach wedding at the Virgin Beach Resort. No, there were no obvious blacks or a pair of chucks just to prove the point of being 'creative'. The rebel streak just kind of oozed in the gown, it was in the most amusing wedding gift ever imaginable, it was in the most organic looking wedding rings, in how the bride opted to walk down the aisle, in what the bridesmaids wore. Things that don't necessarily scream rebellious because there's no need to. Because rebelliousness is innate. It doesn't have to be proven. It just kind of shines through. It's just because it's who you are so there's no need to overdo it. But it's there. You know the rebel is there, grinning inside of you.


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