RB 2013 Forecast Report: ROGUE

Photo by Carlo & Hyds Cecilio of ImagineNation

While the rest are probably digging Emerald which is supposedly the color of the year, we say it's Rogue. And whether it's your lipstick or a pop of red like a bangle, this is the color we are gravitating towards to.

Chief rebellious diva makeup artist, RB Mica writes: Red is in this 2013! To update the look, pair it with fuller brows. To create full brows, I used K-Palette eyebrow pen. For the lips, I used Chanel Rogue hydrabase in New York Red. Make sure to choose a hydrating lipstick. So you get that matte finish without the dryness. Use a lip sealer to make it last on your big day.

When in comes to makeup, here are the looks we love:

Makeup by The Makeup of Mica
Photography by Metrophoto

Makeup by The Makeup of Mica

 More rawring rogue from RB Mica's The Makeup of Mica:

Even Kate Spade seems to agree with us on this one!

Rogue Bridal Jewelry - Are you or your fiancee a Cancer/Leo? Or maybe your wedding falls on a July? Another way to do rogue is incorporating Ruby gems in your wedding. They say that wearing the month's gem makes its powers even more potent. Here's more interesting info on this fiery gem:

The energy of Ruby is intense and vivid.  

"It is said that the power of Ruby is in its encouragement to follow your dreams and your bliss, helping you to change your world.   Ruby will bring light to the dark places in ones life, bringing a spark of awareness to those places where you might still need work, and giving you the opportunity to clear that path. Ruby also heightens our love for life, giving us motivation and inspiration to choose wisely for ourselves and others.

Eliminates the "Martyr" syndrome, the underlying belief that you are somehow "less than" that sets you up to fail by thinking you need to experience pain and suffering to learn.  The Universe has all of infinity at its disposal to teach you, it does not need you to be its whipping boy. 

Ruby's wisdom is in teaching you how precious you are. You were handcrafted in Love, and meant to be happy." 

(Source: http://www.gemstonegifts.com/stones/ruby.htm)

There's a lot of colors to choose from when it comes to your wedding. Whatever you choose, always choose because it has a meaning to you and not just because someone tells you it is the 'in' thing right now. And always remember to Live Colorfully! :)

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