Paolo & Abby's Quirky Wedding

Photography by Noel Salazar
We can never stress enough on the importance of fitting the right photographer with a wedding's personality. Time and time again we see couples going to wedding expos and booking a supplier that can give the best deal--then come wedding day, expectations are not up to par with the final product. It's nobody's fault, really. All suppliers/artists have their own talent in their own right. But sometimes, this talent is not maximized for the simple reason that one's talent must perfectly blend with the couple's taste, and the wedding's vibe. And when the photographer's personality fits oh so amazingly well with the couples, then BOOM! You have a match made in heaven. Quirky Wedding? Then you get a quirky photographer. And no one can do quirky like Noel Salazar.

Noel puts so much detail and quirk in all of his photos. From the mundane, to the intricate crafts, to even the church--he just manages to bring out so much happy vibes into pretty much anything! Plus, he even does some copywriting in his featured wedding blog entries--talk about effort!

Paolo & Abby have been together for more than 9 years--their wedding was a random blend of the colorful and the neutral, there's no other word to describe it except maybe...well....quirky.

To view Noel's complete set, CLICK HERE

Congratulations to the lovely couple!


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