Throwback Thursdays: Kaye + Rap

What was the VERY FIRST Jason Magbanua wedding video you ever laid eyes on? How did it move you? How did it make you feel? I can never forget the first one I ever watched--experienced might even be a better word. I am a lover of all things creative especially when it comes to Filipino talent and I absorb it like a sponge. Kaye + Rap's wedding video (and their 2008 wedding itself for that matter), is one of the most influential visual love stories that probably inspired and evolved the way I view personalized weddings today.

Our Onsite Video from Kaye P. on Vimeo.

Raw talent will always grow and improve through time--but raw talent is also fluid, natural, and innate. Jason paved and shaped the way videography is done not just locally but globally. That will always be his legacy be it from 'classic' videos he has done in the past and those that he is doing today.

And to one of the 'earliest' Rebellious Brides I know, this one is for you Kaye! :)


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  1. Hey Kai,

    Thank you!! :) This video always makes me smile whenever I see it (haha cos I don't see it often! Years na nga ata). Can't believe it's only a few months shy of being 5 years old! :)