Rebellious Groom Larson & His Vows

Rebellious Groom Larson wanted to be clear at the onset that he believes the groom should have his own shining moments in the wedding. And why not? Like we've said before, the wedding is about the bride AND groom...not just the bride. If the bride has her own dream wedding, of course the guy has his own vision too. But most grooms will just bow down to what their brides want. I've even heard of parents who tell their sons to stay back, let the bride do what she wants, and just attend their wedding. But not for Larson. 

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Meanne writes:

I’ve always believed that I would have the final say / or idea about the wedding details. I particularly wanted a 7 layer cake, a ring with 7 diamonds, a Studebaker for my bridal car, sampaguita and lamps for the church details, a mermaid wedding gown, an unusual selection of food for the reception (I did not choose the bestsellers), and in between shoots at the New Manila-Makati bridge.  And being the persistent one that I am, I was able to get things my way. But then, it’s not just about me. The groom has his own fair share of being “rebellious”. Here’s why. 

1) During the wedding preparations, he made sure that he won’t be wearing the usual coat and tie. He made sure that the eyes will not be on the bride alone, and as I quote him, "It’s not just about the bride, it’s also about the groom, and it’s about the two of them together."  And true enough, with his collaboration with Nino Angeles for the design, his suit was indeed a head - turner.  (I believe it’s not your usual coat and tie! :P) 

2) Days prior the wedding, he told me, that he has not prepared anything for the wedding vows yet. So I got worried. But come wedding day, I was so overwhelmed and totally enticed(and in tears of joy) while listening to his vows that goes this way: 

Hun, we are finally here in front of the Lord to bless and guide us in the new path we are taking, happy 12th year anniversary.

I've been waiting for this, and I think that you were too. I'm excited to be your husband, where I can be with you as long as we both shall live.
This is the best gift I have ever received. This is nothing compared to any material thing in the world.
Today is the start of a new roller coaster ride. I just hope that during this roller coaster ride, it is you who is beside me, holding my hand, screaming when you're scared, laughing after the crazy steep slope. Celebrate after going through that fancy loop. Looking at each other when it's steady, smiling, and doing nothing.
I’ll take good care of you, even if you’re not sick.  I’ll pamper you, even if you’re not sad. I’ll adore you, even if you haven’t taken a bath.
I’ll do all the crazy things to make you laugh. I’ll stay healthy to live long and be with you always. I’ll pray with you to say thanks.
I’ll stay calm whenever you’re pissed. I’ll stay true to you. I’ll always take your side. I’ll carry you if you ask me to.
I’ll massage your back if you had a long day.
I’ll love you day in and day out.
I’ll love you even if we’re apart.
I’ll love you as long as my heart beats.
I’ll never get tired of saying I love you.  And because I love you so much, I made a poem which I hope you’d like here goes.

It may not be expensive, I love the person whom I’m going to give it to

I may not be perfect, in the eyes of others

But God made a way, for us to be lovers

My love for you may be unsatisfactory

For you to be mine, who is unworthy.

But I will do everything that I can

To win your heart again and again

With every day that God made

My heart is filled with love that will never fade

My heart may get bumped and bruised

Only your arms around me can get it soothed

Storms may come and our world may turn to disorder

I’ll stay with you holding your hand forever

We might find trouble in the path that we’re taking

I’ll be with you, to God we’ll keep praying.

And so Meanne thought it would be wonderful to submit this to the blog so that it would also be her groom and not her, that would get a feature. So congratulations to the lovely couple and clap clap clap to Larson for being firm in his ways. 

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