Chris + Jelai's Handmade IT Wedding

Photography by CamZar
Chris & Jelai were college sweethearts who took up IT together so they naturally gravitated towards this as a wedding theme. Lots of interesting details and goodies to see from the wedding but what makes it fresh is the fact that it's not totally techie. In the end it was a soft and playful balance that had so many personalized, thoughtful touches and kudos to Vatel's {etc} team for all the amazing handcrafted goodies! 

The couple used USB techie patterns as the design for their rings
{ETC} cleverly placed keyboard letters on the bride's bouquet. Amazing! 

So many personalized, handmade details filled the wedding with warmth despite the otherwise very techie theme.
The couple was dressed to the nines--and groom's style was refreshingly quirky!

Congratulations to the lovely couple! :)

Photography : CamZar Photography / HMUA : Karen Soriano / Bride’s Bouquet & Boutonnieres: {etc} Handmade Goodness

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