Rob + Celine's English MangoRed Wedding

Photography by MangoRed
England. One of my most favorite countries in the world. MangoRed's latest wedding piece proves yet again their versatility and evolution. Their creativity knows no boundaries.

Rob & Celine's wedding is one of old worldly beauty, in its most organic form. Dark but full of lightness. Muted but magnificently natural. A real rainbow on your wedding day. Ornamental trees on its blooming season. The English countryside as your backdrop. The simplest of wedding decisions, yet sometimes they are the ones overlooked. But not for Celine.

On a side note though, the MangoRed team did a few shoot concepts of their own during their trip, which is worthy to be featured too, we reckon :)

Best wishes to Rob & Celine!
To view the complete set, CLICK HERE

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  1. Hey, my hubby and I really like your blog. :) We’re both bloggers ourselves, and he insisted that I message you. We used to spend a bunch of time writing blog posts, giving are all, but we weren’t making much moolah, hehe.