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Dabbling w/ the new wedsite service, Wedding Lab

When I was still planning for my own wedding, it was already second nature for me to create our wedsite (wedding website). To me, it was the most practical and most sensible thing to create as opposed to having printed invites and creating a Facebook page. Printed invites are so contrived and wastes a lot of natural resources and carbon footprint. A Facebook page on the other hand, limits the accessibility to only those who are Facebook users and you can't assume everybody has one. And even if most of your guests have FB, you can't also assume that your guests are always active on Facebook. Plus, you are assuming that your guests can easily always see your Facebook Event page when in fact, it's quite unnoticeable that you've been added in a Facebook event. It also assumes that everybody always has access to Facebook when it is actually blocked in some offices.

I can never stress it any further that wedsites are the way to go. But I've always wondered why there wasn't any local wedsite services around. So when we got introduced to the guys behind The Wedding Lab, we were more than ecstatic.
In Wedding Lab, you can create your own wedsite so easily, even Facebook's registration is more complicated! The best part is, it is interactive, you can share stories with your guests, you can link it to your social networks FB, Twitter, and Pinterest, and it comes with your very own dashboard that is so simple and easy to use!

In Wedding Lab, you can share your love story, keep everyone in the loop about your wedding details, and even create a quiz to keep things interesting! 
All you need to do to resister is to provide your email, create a password and you are good to go! 
The dashboard is so simple and easy to use! 
The best part is, you can create a wedding registry!
But if your think Wedding Lab is just another wedsite service, think again. What interested me the most is their online wedding registry service. In the States, an online wedding registry is usually separate from the wedsite and you'd have to create several online registries depending on which online store offers such services. Wedding Lab on the other hand included the wedding registry service as an integral part of your wedsite. And it's so simple!

It's basically a symbolical representation of the kind of wedding gifts that  you want to receive. For instance, did you want that bed linens from Muji? Put the details of the item, how much it costs, and your guest can "buy" it for you as a gift. Your bank details/paypal account is linked with the registry so by the end of your registry period everything is consolidated for you.  If your guests don't mind paying via online, then it makes it that much simpler for them to give you a gift. And even if they don't want to use this online facility, at least it will give them a clearer idea on the kind of gifts that you'd like to receive without having to go all the way to Rustan's or the other department stores just to find out what you want to get.

Provide your guests with the ease of simply browsing through the kind of wedding gifts that interest you the most. Some etiquette fanatics will say this is too informal and 'tacky' but don't you think it's so much more hassle to actually instruct your guests to go to a store just to see your registry list? Then when they see your list, all the more affordable options have long been purchased???
Dabble with Wedding Lab's online wedding registry service! It's quite fun and simple to use! 

The Wedding Lab is a start-up service so the team prioritized the most essential functionalities that a wedsite & online registry would need. But soon, The Wedding Lab will have more premium services including RSVP, partner online stores, and more wedsite templates. In the meantime, sign-up your wedding at! You might even be selected as the "Power Couple of the Month!"

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