Wedding Worthy H&M Conscious Finds

It's moments like this that I wish there was an H&M store in Manila. And mind you, I have written to H&M's head office THRICE in the years 2003, 2007, and 2010. I am that persistent. And in those three times that I've written to them, they've denied rumors of opening shop here. Maybe it's for the best. Prices might be different anyway. For instance, prices of H&M Singapore is much much higher compared to H&M USA. 

I digress. 

The reason why I am drooling over H&M once again is that they have launched some fabulous gowns under their eco friendly label, Conscious

This $199 H&M Conscious Tulle Gown is made of 100% recycled polyester. I really, really, REALLY love this gown! 

This uber affordable backless gown is also made of 100% recycled polyester and only runs for $60! 

This silk blended blazer is made of 85% organic cotton and 15% silk. Isn't this perfect for your dashing groom? The best part is, it's only $99! 

So do you have any friends, relatives that are in the US right now? I suggest you have them buy your bridal gown and groom's suit in H&M! Not only are they very stylish and affordable but they are also ethical pieces! 

Better yet, get dresses for your entourage as well! 

For instance, this rose-trimmed dress is also made of recycled materials and runs for only $129!

Visit H&M by CLICKING HERE to start buying your entire wedding party's outfits, including yours!  :)

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