Sey + Erik's Cute 'n Cozy, Cat 'n Dog Wedding

Photography by Paolo Feliciano
Cute & Cozy would be the best way I would describe Sey & Erik's wedding. I particularly admire the fact that the couple rebelliously chose to have a very intimate wedding and that they chose to have a cat & dog logo as the main focal point of their theme. Some couples are afraid to pursue a theme that is perceived to be 'kiddie' but you only need to see how Sey & Erik pulled it off to prove to you that it can be quite pretty and chic. 

Rebellious Brides: What is the story behind your logo?

RB Sey: The Sey+Erik logo resembling a cat and dog was born out of our love for both. I loves cats, Erik loves dogs. Quite a complicated mix really, however we have one common ground - cute stuffed toys. We took inspiration from that and basically made a cat and dog logo that had a touch of cuteness :)

Rebellious Brides: What was your vision for your wedding? 

RB Sey: We pictured a simple outdoor wedding that resembled a family dinner at a small park or lawn. Since we only invited a few of our closest friends and family, we basically wanted it to be intimate and cozy. Having the Lakeshore, Lighthouse promenade as our venue was perfect. The tiny spot was just enough for the few guests we had. The lighting was exactly like what we requested and it added the perfect touch of warm outdoor ambiance

"A rebellious bride is someone who breaks the norm. Someone who is not afraid to experiment and fulfill her sparks of creativity in her wedding - despite the risk knowing that it is a once in a lifetime affair." -- RB Sey

Congratulations Erik & Sey!  May your marriage be as joyful as your wedding!


Caterer: Cunanan / Photographer: Paolo Feliciano / Bridal Gown: Jojo Macapinlac / Wedding Coordinator: Events & Concepts / Hair & Make-up: Francois Roxas / Florist - Church Set-up:  Bridal Blooms / Cakes: Breads O' Cakes

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  1. Fantastic work man, keep your heads high you did it. shell hawkins

  2. May I just ask who were the maker of the invitations?