Weddings at Sonya's Garden

Over the past few years, I have found myself constantly being asked on my own two cents on wedding venues and destination wedding ideas. Having had the time to reflect on this, I have come to a conclusion that Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay is my personal choice for my most highly recommended kind of "anti-reception" wedding if you want to do a destination wedding near Manila.

What's not to love? Not only is it beautiful but it's probably the most cost efficient choice out there. Where else can you find a charming venue that saves you so much money? 

For instance, assuming you had 160 guests for your wedding, your total package will be a little below P150,000 ($3,658) and that already includes: food (which is an eat-all-you-can spread!), venue fees for both reception + ceremony, wedding cake, lights & sounds, and overnight accommodations! Not to mention, you won't be needing a stylist because the venue is already styled! Also, you won't need a bridal car because everything is on the same venue, and no need for flowers because you can ask Sonya's to make one for you! And most importantly for that amazingly reasonable cost, you get to do your wedding in one of the most naturally heavenly places in the country. 

And if you have extra money to spare, you'll most likely be able to afford the dream suppliers that you've been wanting to get since you saved up on so many other elements already! It's such a win-win situation! :)

Sonya's Garden Tagaytay is my ultimate highly recommended anti-reception destination venue near Manila
Flowers abound in the heavenly gardens at Sonya's. There's really no need to get a florist!
The Bed & Breakfast is where you can have your preps. It is the best place for you to relax, reflect, and have your very own sanctuary before the big day
Imagine this as your ceremony ambiance.Natural, fuss-free, and well...perfectly blissful without the need to dress it up anymore! 
Real-life couple Drew & Lea performing their wedding vows at Sonya's Garden
The surrounding area like the "Favorite Things Room" & the Bakery give you a lot of interesting choices for your after-ceremony-couples-shoot 
Charming chandeliers abound the reception area--there is literally no need to get a stylist. 
Meals are hearty because of the eat-all-you can menu

Drew & Lea knew that having their wedding at Sonya's Garden was one of the best decisions they have ever made. 

However, Lea advises this to future brides: add a few thoughtful details wherever possible since Sonya's is already a popular venue for weddings. You wouldn't want to look too templated, so add a touch of your own personalities as well. Here are some of the pretty details that Lea added to their Sonya's wedding:

Dainty white illustrations/handwritten details & use of Kraft brown paper  were abundant in Lea & Drew's wedding 
Hanging paper crafts and candles floated above the guests 

Doodles & local goodies surrounded the guests with organic thoughtfulness 

There's still so many other ways to create your very own unique Sonya's Garden wedding. In fact, I already have an idea on how I would conceptualize my own REBELLIOUS Sonya's wedding. Here's how: 

First of all, I won't do it in the restaurant area of Sonya's. Instead, I'll do it in the Bed & Breakfast area, and I'll book my guests in all of the rooms for an overnight stay. It will be an intimate party of about 48 guests max, 50 including the couple. I'll also do it during the weekday so that the surrounding area is more peaceful and exclusive. In this kind of set-up, the wedding will cost about P150,000 including the overnight stay for all guests, inclusive of dinner & breakfast (which already covers the "reception part of it"), and also inclusive of interesting activities for the guests like: cooking lessons, flower arrangement lessons, wreath making lessons, gardening lessons, and firefly watching (during November-December). The entire Bed & Breakfast area will be exclusive to everyone so the possibilities are endless in terms of the ceremony ideas, pictorial ideas, and after-dinner party ideas. What's more, the wedding becomes a 24-hour affair and gives you so much bonding time with loved ones. It becomes an experience rather than just another wedding to attend. 

Whatever your ideas are, all I have to say is Sonya's Garden is a wonderful, cost-efficient, practical, but tasteful choice for such a charming wedding. 

Special thanks to Lea for sharing their wedding with us! 
CREDITS: Gown by Joel Escober / Make up by Rae Venturanza-Salazar / Florist - Ridgeblooms / Photography by Catilo

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