RB Goes Gatsby, Part 1 of 3

Photography by Carlo Cecilio of ImagineNation
As early as December 2012, the blog released its Fearless Forecast for 2013. Two of which were: 1) A renewed love for 20s-inspired weddings because of the Gatsby movie; and 2) New anti-reception venue discoveries. 

In this 3-part special feature, we've collaborated with some of the biggest names in the wedding industry to come up with our own interpretation of how to localize a Gatsby-inspired wedding. After all, inspiration is one thing but rebelliousness always has to have its own twist and own vision. 


In Part 1, we bring you our Gatsby Bride Muse--no other than the Queen of Boracay herself, Amanda Tirol. She wears the creations of Ryan Madamba which exudes the vibe of one of the strong female characters in the movie, Jordan Baker. 

Having Amanda in our midst was not just a rare occasion for Rebellious Brides but also in the Manila wedding scene in general. Being based in Boracay, Amanda's trips to Manila are always hurried and almost always exclusive to client meetings so naturally she misses a lot of the industry events and other invitations for interviews and whatnot. So for her to do this for the blog was truly, truly an honor and a blessing. A blessing which would not have been possible if not for Madge Lejano--the other superstar in this collaboration. Madge didn't just do the looks for this shoot, but she also did the styling. And here's a little trivia for everyone out there. Madge was actually one of the first few who did styling even waaay before this became a popular service. Because of her crazy schedule, she has not had the chance to play with styling in a really long time--and there goes the other blessing and honor that's been given to the blog :)

Japanese graphic design from the 1920s-30s ~ Pink Tentacle

The guidelines for the shoot was 1920s but rebellious. And it's wonderful how everything came together. Designer Ryan Madamba interpreted this into clean, un-embellished gowns--a bold choice for Gatsby brides since the more popular choice would be to go heavily beaded. Ryan's gowns were also definitely not pearly white, and the silhouettes were quite remarkable. The way he was able to create bridal looks out of iconic 1920s dresses--the way he cleverly mixed both was simply, well..... genius! 


Madge then complemented the gowns with glitzy accessories worthy of any Gatsby party. It's a refreshing bridal look that has a lot of character! Madge's makeup on Amanda was another spectacular idea, which made Amanda look like a golden goddess. 

Teddy Manuel's rebellious Gatsby bouquet was also something else. Gatsby himself would have fondly smiled if he saw this displayed in one of his lavish parties because it would fit right in! What with the dried metallic bronzed flowers, mixed with fresh roaring orange ones, lace created flowers, strands of pearls, and loose earthy twigs and ferns--well, it was a spectacle on its own to say the least! Now that's what you call, rebellious 1920s bouquet with a twist! Hint: Watch out for MORE photos of Teddy's Rebellious Gatsby bouquet in the Part 2 feature!

Ryan's second look for our Gatsby bride Amanda, was another unique and unconventional bridal look. The drapery, the train, and the back are once again un-embellished but he managed to create so much dramatic textures that are quite refreshing too see on a bride. Notice how none of these looks are the usual mermaid, serpentine, or sweetheart styles that plague the usual bridal looks. 

The rebellious bride is a Gatsby bride. She's feminine, poised, and glamorous, but she's in a roaring league of her own. 

pearlsandtea: 1920's

Are you wondering more about the shoot's oh-so-1920s-worthy-location? What other looks did we come up with? Is there a groom--a "Great Gatsby" ala Leonardo diCaprio in this role-playing feature? 

Watch out for that.



Model: Amanda Tirol
Hair, Makeup, and Styling: Madge Lejano & Team
Accessories: CRU, Rockwell Powerplant Mall
Photography: Carlo Cecilio of ImagineNation
Bouquet: Teddy Manuel
Illustrations: Michelle de Guzman
Anti-Reception Venue: Casa Roces, Malacanan

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    Thanks! I was floored by the wonderful write-up. I go back to the day of the shoot and it is a pleasure to remember how fun it was! Such an honor as well to be featured on your blog. More power to you and to the talented team who made this possible. What a wonderful experience to work with among the industry's best!

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