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Cy & Kai - The Full Edit of the Bora Hop Wedding from Kai P. Cruz on Vimeo.

I've never seen a full wedding video, have you? We've fallen in love with the concept of "same day edit" that we've forgotten what a full one must look like. Imagine getting someone like Jason Magbanua, which is such a premium, and yet we've only really just seen the short film versions--and that's how good he is because you give him that full trust, and you are actually more than happy to just receive the 2 to 3-minute highlights of it.

The DVD Menu 
So when we received our full video, we didn't have any expectations. At the very least I figured, it would obviously have more clips of the wedding. But I never in a million years would have known that the full edit was actually even better than the short version---if that's even possible to fathom.

Watching this video brought about so many emotions and so many surprises. The DVD also comes with a copy of your vows--which is a great reminder of why you guys married each other.

It comes with a nifty package too, which is a mark of Jason's taste, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. It's a piece of him that's somehow being shared to you, and channeled through your wedding.

If you're still in the planning stage and still can't decide on your videographer--or maybe you cannot justify the cost, this one right here seals the deal I think. With Jason and his team, you are not just getting a documentation of your wedding. It goes beyond that. It's literally a time capsule of your perfect day, beautifully packaged and delightfully preserved so eloquently for you.


PS. As a rule of thumb, we never dictated to Jason what music to use in our wedding videos--both the short version and the long version. As a couple/client, I would understand the "temptation" to ask your videographer to use the songs that you like. But I would advice you not to. Just because, as they go through your raw materials, they would know better on what would fit the actual material's mood and tone. Music plays a really important role in movies, tv shows, and it's the same principle in the wedding video. Jason was a DJ before he became a rockstar filmaker. And he purchases all-original material from artists across the globe just to be able to give your videos its own flavor. Trust and let go---you won't regret it :)

Music Credits:
Boys With A Kite by Joe Moralez
Home by Tiffany Thampson
I Found You by Aaron and Andrew
Ocean by Kim Edwards
3 Months California by The Royal Sons
Gimme Your Love by Holley Maher (DVD background Music)

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  1. Wedding details are my favorite part and you did a wonderful wonderful job with all these cute little details..I bet everyone enjoyed them!