Rochelle & Adrian's Paper Dolls Will You Bes
This is the second time a Wedding Agency client of ours has been featured by Ruffles & Bells. The opening lines of Rochelle & Adrian's feature over at R&B says: "I'm truly blessed to meet brides who do think out of the box and who are not afraid to tell the world what their style is. Rochelle & Adrian are definitely one rockin' couple and as they would define their style: "simplicity is not in their dictionary". --And this absolutely makes us proud! Haha. Rochelle shares this moment with us and she writes: 

Dear Rebellious Brides Kai & Mica, 

I would like to share our paper doll will you be's for the adult members of our entourage. I was inspired after you presented our wedding walkthrough last September (2012) - giving us the red carpet-slash-highly stylized vibe for our wedding. :) 

A copy of R+A's Brief - from the Wedding Agency Walkthrough
A copy of R+A's customized mood board - from the Wedding Agency Walkthrough
We kept the idea unique by copying the actual hairstyle of each entourage including Adrian & I. Each doll came with their "doll kit" which contains accessories and significant stuff that relates the entourage member to either Adrian & myself. Say for example our female candle sponsor is my grade school best friend who got lots of feline friends so we put in a chubby & adorable cat in her kit. :) Lastly, to make the proposal more personal, I added handwritten notes for each entourage stating why we chose them to be part of out wedding. 

Here's the link to Ruffles & Bells' blog. Eliska calls it a "fashion show in paper style".
Thank you for giving us the idea! We feel like we're on track now in terms of executing our wedding theme quite well. :) 




We absolutely love how you've made your walkthrough your own, Rochelle! And your Will You Bes take personalization to a whole new level. We can't wait to see more updates from your wedding preps! :)

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  1. Hi Rebellious Bride Team! Thank you so much for featuring our work the second time around! Cheers to more rebellious and fashionable weddings! xx Eliska