Brides In Waiting - A Quirky Creatives Editorial Feature

I love that more and more creative wedding talents are collaborating to share with everyone their various points of view. What's even more exciting is that the ideas are becoming bolder and quite interesting! 

Brides In Waiting. What a simple idea that it's actually right under our noses--yet no one seemed to have thought about it 'till now. Indeed, creativity is in the simplicity. 

Veering away from the usual "posy-posy" glam shoot, Noel Salazar of Quirky Creatives and Nio Manzano joined forces to create an editorialized version of the ordinary things that happen during Bridal Preps. 

How was your own bridal preps like? Or if you are a bride-to-be, how do you envision your preps to unfold and complement your entire mood on your wedding day? Mine was just as rebellious as the wedding. Not only did I hang out with my husband and had spa treatments together with him, but I did not allow my photog and videog to hover over me. The cheesiest happy songs blared in our villa, and my girls (only my girl friends were with me during the preps) and I were in the chill zone for hours, we almost ran out of time haha! RB Mica on the other hand, wanted the solitude of her own company--not only did she do her own makeup all alone, she walked around Legazpi Village Makati with nobody else but her photogs in tow for some selfies. 

We are ecstatic to know that like-minded rebellious talents entrust us with their own material to feature in the blog. We believe that ideas are for everyone to share so that it can touch as many people's lives as possible. We don't care about which blog featured first or any of that exclusivity shit. So if you also have collab concept shoots, keep them coming! 

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  1. Yey!!! Thanks for the feature!!! We've got lots of stuff coming out with Noel and Rae. Just wait for it. :)

  2. Great things you've always shared with us. Thanks. Just continue composing this kind of post.