Joanne and Richard - Beyond the Smokes and Mirrors

Summon To Love : Joanne and Richard from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Just one look at Joanne and Richard's engagement sessions and you'll probably get to the same conclusion as us that this is one glamorous, beautiful couple. But what we particularly admired the most was the email we received from Joanne (which was sent to us in confidence so we'll keep the finer details in private). 

How seemingly easy enough it was that Richard summoned the courage to walk up to her in a restaurant to introduce himself. How this simple introduction lead to a challenging relationship which they rebelliously tried to deflect. How the very concepts of their prenups intentionally left out the usual grand props to give focus more on lived-in locations with the most interesting of tiles, walls, columns, and available props. No. this prenup, and this very love story go beyond the smokes and mirrors. Joanne and Richard aren't the poster couple for being rebellious in the obvious of definitions but they are rebellious in how they feel and think. And beyond the smokes and mirrors, they are rebellious in their resilient spirits. 

Joanne writes: Basically, we wanted to be "uniquely rebellious" without totally being out of character.  We were being rebellious by avoiding the norm - out of town location (with wide shots where the face of the couple can no longer be seen), sexy shoots, and artsy photoshoot that most couples do nowadays.  We did a lot of research and found this old house in Manila that was turned into a gallery.  We did not make use of additional props because the place was already full of different furniture, plates, bed frames, etc.  Pat Dy (our talented photographer), known for making wedding editorial shoots, really made use of the natural lighting and elements.  It just looked like we were taking photos in our own "vintage" home.   Even without nature in our midst, he gave us photos we can look at with pride 10 years down the line.  

Joanne on their Mayad Video: As for our prenup video, we just went with the suggestion of our director.  Raphael Jamil Pranga also known as Fiel, the leader of the directing pack and founder of Mayad Studios, wanted something romantic and elegant that can be shot within the Metropolis. Though most of the videos I like were destination weddings, we took the risk and got Metro Manila locations to see how well they can do without the pristine beach, overlooking scenery, and the like.  We went to 3 locations:  National Museum, San Agustin Museum and W Condo.  

Here in Rebellious Brides, we've always said that prenups need not be overly complicated. Sometimes, all you need is to discover venues that are naturally decorated on its own. Simple w/ a Twist. That's what we said before in our Prenup Workshop Blog! Joanne, Richard, and their star-studded team ABSOLUTELY NAILED IT. Just...NAILED IT! 

Photographer:  Pat Dy  
Makeup Artist:  Jim Ros of Maybelline New York
Stylist:  Sidney Yap
Venue:  A-11 Gallery
- - - - - - - -
Videographer: Raphael Jamil Pranga of Mayad Studios  (09177111477)
Makeup Artist: Ana Isip
Gown: Currithy Manzanero
Venue: National Museum, San Agustin Museum & W Condo
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  1. Nothing beats simplicity and class. Good job to Pat Dy and the team!