The Pre Prom Shoot

Photography by One Happy Story
I really fell in love with this idea that's why we decided to share them to all of you even if it's not a wedding. One of the saddest memories I had of my own prom was not having our pictures taken (even if I already paid for it) because we were late and by the time we arrived, the photographers already packed up. And then during our senior ball, yes we were early but gosh the photos were horrible--so cheesy and very generic. The prom and the elements that comprises the prom is only decided by the prom committee---the venue, the concept, and all the other elements are not anymore relayed to the whole body. At least that's how I remembered it--so naturally, the prom elements are not necessarily the majority's choice--so what if the ideas aren't really your 'thing'?

So the way that Caileigh, Brittany, Wendy, Kimberly, Denise, and Kathryna managed to rebelliously create their own shoot before the prom was absolutely brilliant because at least they were still able to personalize their prom, their own way. What's more, I love that the girls kept it natural and fresh--the obvious choice was to glam it up a'la Gossip Girl or whatever it is that teens nowadays are into but they decided not to! And for that I admire that the girls chose to be around a beautiful garden. It's a simple idea but it just had the right hint of fun. 

Wendy shares: 

"Prom is one of the most anticipated events of every Senior student. Wanting ours to be more memorable, we decided to have a barkada shoot in the suburbs where peace and tranquility reigns. .. framing every single memory in a surreal portrait where we all can keep in our hearts"

Now how does this relate to weddings? Well how about having a shoot with your bridesmaids? I for one did not have a bridal shower--my matron-of-honor knew me too well to understand that I wouldn't want  one. So instead, she created a photo shoot day for all of us. Isn't that a great alternative for brides who want something more than the usual bridal shower? 

Thanks for allowing us to feature your barkada, ladies! You are on the right track to the path of creativity, and I wish I had thought of this too when I was younger! Haha :)


Caileigh Huan
make up: Katkat
Gown: Cameron's ( Alma Mae Roa )

Brittany Ang
make up: Jhong Banquerigo
gown: Melvin Lachica

Wendy Sia
make up: Katkat
gown: Ronald Enrico

Kimberly Tee
make up: Allan Sajulga
gown: Cameron's

Denise Lim
make up: Katkat
Gown: Janico ( Jocelyn Chua )

Kathryna Rodriguez
make up: Jhong Banquerigo
gown: Cameron's

Shoot location: Dahilayan, Bukidnon

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