Inspiration from the 'Little Folk'

Concept and photography by Zev Hoover
Can you believe that this rebellious, brilliant idea came from a 14-year old artist??? Zev Hoover showcases in his Flickr account Fiddle Oak, a concept which he fondly calls 'Little Folk'--a collection of his work where he makes his subjects look like tiny figures and places them in whimsical settings.  I cannot even begin to think how this talented artist managed to create such magical things at such a young age!

Just throwing it out there but why don't you try to contact the artist? What if he could create an amazing layout for you and your groom? You can commission Zev and you can use the work as your save the date, or in replace of an invitation, or how about as a photo wall backdrop? Or maybe even as your couple's backdrop/wall? The possibilities are endless and there's no harm in trying either!

May this inspire you all to have an adventurous spirit. No matter what your age is, it's never too late to be more attuned with your playful, dreamy side.

To see more of Zev's work and how he does it, visit his blog here:

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