Karla + Earl's Meteora Prenup

Photography by Jayson and Jo Anne Arquiza

While answering an email from an RB reader who was seeking our recommendations for intimate wedding venues near Cavite, one of the suggestions that we made was Meteora Tagaytay. And while we were looking for reference links that we could provide to our reader, we stumbled upon this romantic prenup from Jayson and Jo Anne Arquiza that we couldn't resist sharing with you all. Here's another example of a "Classic w/ a Twist" type of prenup. Karla & Earl's prenup was a rebellious idea in a sense that it had the vibe of a love nest. But then with the tasteful hands of Jayson & Joanne plus the eye of RabbitHole Creatives, the look became quite timeless---evoking feelings of a getaway trip to the South of France. Here's more!

Meteora has been a popular spot for wedding preps or engagement shoots--not so much as a wedding venue itself. But it's actually perfect for intimate weddings! Find out more about Meteora HERE!

Styling by Rabbithole Creatives
Photography by Jayson and Joanne Arquiza
Shot on location at Meteora, Tagaytay
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