Love and "Cupidity"

Cornetto Cupidity (Trailer) from Ben Boullier on Vimeo.

In the grander scheme of things, Rebellious Brides is just one aspect of our lives. The bulk of my work revolves around advertising campaigns, media, local TV, and being a think-tank. It's what I do...and I live in the world of ideas. And the same goes for RB Mica! So it's no surprise that a lot of the wedding inspirations that we have are not even wedding-related most of the time. And that is why we encourage you to do the same. With that being said, we'd love to share with you this wonderful campaign that is a wonderful source of ideas and of love. It's a Cornetto campaign that started in the UK and how they've asked teenagers from around the world to share love stories that were in turn visualized by creative greats. Here's some of them. Sit down, and take the time to watch. And may these short films move you to more giddy love..and more rebellious wedding ideas ;)

cornetto-kismet FILM from Film Bah├žesi on Vimeo.

Cornetto 'Margot' from Greek Street Studios on Vimeo.
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