Grace & Mark's Tonight, Tonight Save the Date Idea

Origami in Motion from ableslayer on Vimeo.

Inspired by the Smashing Pumpkins' Tonight, Tonight music video, Grace & Mark created a vintage romantic horror save the date concept that turned out quite spunky. What is interesting to note is the fact that even if they had Smashing Pumpkins as a peg in mind, they still created their own spin on it--the result of which was a unique interpretation of their own. What's more, this set goes to show how a concept can thrive and flourish into something beautiful when it's in the hands of tasteful talents. We've seen similar ideas that fell flat--but not this one though. Grace & Mark's save the date is definitely one for the books!

 NOSAJ Photography by Jason Angcao

HMUA: Fritz Mortel
Styling: Aira Franco
Photography: /
Video: Origami in Motion

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