Lavonne & Clark's Wedding Style

Photography by Metrophoto

When I scanned through Lavonne & Clark's wedding photos, I instantly knew I'd blog about their style as a couple. So when I read Oly's write-up about them (I usually look at the photos first before reading the write-ups so I won't be influenced by it), I was so amused to find that Oly also talked about Lavonne & Clark's style as well! Oly actually nailed it: 

 "I’m a fan of great color combinations and I love the deep and muted brown colors throughout this wedding. I appreciate the taste that Lavonne and Clark have as it was obvious in a lot of the details and choices they made for their wedding. It’s not bad too that they are evidently head-over-heels in-love with each other."

Take a bite from Lavonne & Clark's deliciously rich wedding style...

As a treat, check out their heartwarming proposal! 

Congratulations Lavonne & Clark! And may your marriage be filled with so much sweetness as your proposal, and so much richness as your delicious wedding style. 

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