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One of our favorite parts of the walkthroughs that we create for our couples are the look books. We create style guides not just for the brides but also for the the grooms, the entourage, and depending on the client's requests, we go as far as guides for the parents and kids. Every couple/bride is different and we make sure to create a 'stylish balance' based on the bride's preferences/personality, their chosen theme, and of course our own rebellious suggestions. Most of the time we encourage the brides to ALLOW their entourage to wear what they want to wear but even if the bride opts to have custom entourage gowns we always try to spice things up a bit. 

Here are snippets from our previous walkthroughs that might come in handy for you too! Since each walkthrough is exclusively created for our clients, we will only share the look books for brides and entourage girls. 

Wedding Theme: Brunch Wedding 
Bride's Personality: Very rebellious! She doesn't want to wear white, she doesn't mind buying off-the-rack, and she doesn't want anything traditional! 

Wedding Theme: Intergalactic/Glam Rock Wedding 
Bride's Personality: Uber rebellious and probably one of the most awesome couples we've ever worked with! She and her fiancee loves black, they are fascinated with death, and are into sci-fi and crime novels.  

Wedding Theme: 
Relaxed & Laid Back Coffee Wedding  
Bride's Personality: The bride is cool, calm, and collected. As a couple they are simple, self-confessed homebodies who were dead-set on a coffee-themed affair. 

Wedding Theme: Splish Splash Wedding
Bride's Personality: The bride wanted to bring the beach vibe in the city. As a couple they wanted an elegant but fun wedding. 

Wedding Theme: Victorian Hollywood Wedding
Bride's Personality: The bride hates the word simple and wants everything to feel lavish and royal! In fact, she was so sure of what she wanted for her bridal look that she was the one who submitted it to us! So our job here was really to create an entourage vibe that would go well with her chosen look. 


RB Mica and I have an extensive background in the realm of fashion, taste, beauty, and creatives. In fact, that's how we initially met! I was doing a fashion shoot and she happened to be the makeup artist & model! Each and every slide that we create in our walkthroughs are well thought-out, meticulously selected, and made with so much passion and love in the hopes that our clients will be inspired by it. But all of these things are just pegs and the end result is not necessarily the same as how we visualized it but rather it becomes a collaboration between us and our clients. The goal is not to impose to the couples our ideas but to guide and inspire them in the hopes that it will move them to unleash their inner creativity.

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